Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club

Our experience

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club is an international consulting and event organising company with the head office in London (United Kingdom).

The Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club team is made of professionals with 20+ years of experience in communications and conference product development who have hosted events for specialists in various industries (pharmaceutical and automotive industry, FMCG, wealth management) in a variety of geographic locations including United Kingdom, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Conferences developed by the professionals working at the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club gathered from 200 up to 700 attendees and always received positive feedback from the majority of them.

In addition to the high-quality content of the discussions, awards ceremonies have always been an attractive feature of the GPLC’s events. They provide an opportunity for the leading international and local pharmaceutical production companies, distributors and pharmacy chains to share their achievements with the industry peers and public.

Our competences

Services provided by Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club:

Conducting B2B large-scale events in various formats (offline, online, hybrid) with participation of the major pharmaceutical markets stakeholders including regulators, international and local pharmaceutical production companies, distributors, pharmacy chains, healthcare institutions and patient organisations

Organizing exclusive meetings behind the closed doors for top managers of the pharmaceutical companies around the globe

Organising of matchmaking events that allow participating companies find new business partners, launch their products in new markets or increase market penetration in the regions that are already represented

Preparing turnkey events on various topics according the needs of our clients that allow to promote their brands, services and products