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How to further improve access for patients in Mexico to high-quality innovative and affordable pharmaceutical drugs

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Forum in numbers

200+ attendees representing regulatory authorities, leading international and local pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distributors, pharmacy chains and service providers for the pharmaceutical sectors. 60+ speakers representing regulatory authorities, leading pharmaceutical production companies, distributors and pharmacy chains. The forum programmes will include 10+ sessions on regulation, strategy, sales and marketing.


Speakers, moderators and VIP guests

Yanet Giha

Yaneth Giha

Leonardo Curado

Leonardo Curado

Alejandro Rodriguez Lyeva

Alejandro Rodriguez Lyeva

Orlando Aguirre

Orlando Aguirre

Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez

Marcos Pascual

Marcos Pascual

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Key discussion topics

Programme topics in details

  • Pharmaceutical companies’ strategies
  • Regulatory strategy for the Mexican market
  • Development of public procurement system and areas for improvement
  • Prospects for the introduction of innovative contracts in public procurement
  • Launch of innovative drugs to the Mexican market: barriers and opportunities for improvement
  • Opportunities for the expansion of clinical trials in Mexico
  • Generic pharmaceutical drugs market in Mexico: how to improve access for patients to high-quality affordable medicines?
  • How to improve the speed of pharmaceutical drugs registration in Mexico?
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Trends in the development of the commercial segment
  • Pharmaceutical drugs promotion in Mexico: challenges and opportunities
  • Legalisation of the cannabis market in Mexico
  • Mexican pharmaceutical market investment potential

Unique mix of formats

Hybrid format

The new reality has brought changes to the conference business – a hybrid format with offline and online components has become the norm. This format allows less dependency on the speakers’ geographical location as they can join via video conference. Those delegates who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the offline part in Mexico City, can connect online to view sessions, address questions directly to speakers, take part in the round tables and schedule meetings with the other event participants.

Roundtables with regulators

Roundtables with regulators are always an opportunity to ask your questions in a chamber setting. We have found a way to provide interactive communication with regulators not only offline, but also online, which is a unique feature of our events. Each participants of the roundtable can vocalise their question and receive an answer from representatives of state bodies.

One-to-one meetings

If you are looking for the way to bring your pharmaceutical drugs to the Mexican market or increase your presence in the market, you need to make distributors and pharmacy chains interested in your products. We do our best to attract the major distributors and pharmacy chains to the event so you will have a chance to present your company and your products to them and network in a friendly atmosphere over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne.

Awards ceremony

Pharmaceutical international and local manufacturing companies, distributors and pharmacy chains operating in Mexico are invited to participate in the contest for Mexican Pharma Awards. Applications are accepted in 16 nominations until the 30th October 2022. The awards ceremony will be held at the Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum on the 29th November 2022.

Four reasons to attend the Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum

1. International approach

The speakers of the forum organised by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club will be not only representatives of the Mexican regulatory authorities, leading international and local pharmaceutical production and distribution companies, pharmacy chains, healthcare institutions and patient organisations but also international experts. The global experience shared by the experts from the other markets in Latin America, USA and Europe allows studying the best practices and choose those approaches that could be useful for Mexico in order to improve the patients’ access to the medicines and healthcare.

2. Content

The Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum will discuss the major challenges and development trends of the country’s pharmaceutical market. The conference will be attended by regulators, leading industry players representing international and local pharmaceutical drugs manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains, representatives of healthcare institutions and patient organisations. Over the course of 10+ sessions industry stakeholders will discuss the hottest topics including strategies, development trends of the budget and commercial sector, pricing, regulatory, sales, marketing and medical issues.

3. Knowledge of the audience

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club builds its events programmes in accordance with the needs of the target audience. Its understanding of the industry is based on extensive market research. Before developing the forum programme we conduct phone research with 50+ pharmaceutical market experts in Mexico. The forum programme is designed according to the interests of the following professionals: top managers, strategy, market access, regulatory affairs, government affairs, marketing, sales and medical directors. So if you work in those functions, Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum is a must-attend event for you!

4. Networking

Face-to-face communication over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne will always be an effective tool for developing existing business contacts and establishing new ones. If you cannot attend the forum in person, Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club invites you to join virtually. The online format provides an opportunity to communicate with the main industry stakeholders, regardless of your and their location. Online communication is a great way to meet and identify common interests, which may lead to subsequent development of business relations and signing new deals.

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Mexican Pharma Awards

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club invites international and local pharmaceutical producers, distributors and pharmacy chains to participate in the contest for the Mexican Pharma Awards.

Mexican Pharmaceutical Awards is an excellent opportunity to let the market know about your company’s and your partners’ achievement to peers in the pharmaceutical sector, strengthen the reputation of the a reliable partner and an attractive employer. Share success stories about your managers and best projects with your industry peers!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Share expertise with pharmaceutical sector players, improve brand awareness and find new business partners!

Hybrid events provide enhanced opportunities for promoting companies’ brands, expertise, products and services. We will develop a customized sponsorship package according to your wishes and needs. Your company can use partnership options separately for online or offline formats, or as a complex solution.

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The hybrid format has become the norm in the conference business since the pandemic started. It allows bridging together event participants in offline and online formats. Utilising innovative technologies, we can attract speakers from other countries and those delegates who cannot attend the offline part of the event in Mexico City. Join and develop business connections offline and online!

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About us

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club is an international consulting and event organising company with the head office in London (United Kingdom). Our team is made of professionals with 20+ years of experience in communications and conference product development who have hosted events for specialists in various industries (pharmaceutical and automotive industry, FMCG, wealth management) in a variety of geographic locations including United Kingdom, Mexico, Uzbekistan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. Conferences developed by the professionals working at the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club gathered from 200 up to 700 attendees and always received positive feedback from the majority of them.

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