Mexico receives 516 thousand anticovid vaccines from South Korea

The Mexican government received a new donation of 516,000 doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech pediatric vaccine against Covid-19 from South Korea, which arrived this Wednesday morning at the Mexico City International Airport on three flights.

This is the second shipment of the British pharmaceutical that the government of that country donates to Mexico. On August 3, South Korea delivered 288,000 doses to immunize children from five to 11 years old, with which the Asian nation already provides 804,000 vaccines.

“I think this donation made by the Korean government is significant for the future of both countries because children are the future. In this context, it contributed to improving the health of Mexican children through the urgent supply of anticancer drugs for children,” explained the South Korean ambassador to Mexico, Suh Jeong-in.

In an interview, Jeong-in highlighted that the Covid-19 pandemic caused relations between the two countries to become even closer since Korea went from being Mexico’s fifth trading partner in 2019 to the third in 2021.

“For Mexico, Korea was the third partner in the infrastructure industry after the United States and China in 2021 without a trade agreement, and hopefully with the Free Trade Agreement it can be number one (…) in March of This year the Ministers of Economy of both countries made public the negotiations of this agreement and when it materializes our relations will be greater and greater”, he advanced.

Once that agreement is reached, the South Korean ambassador said that his country would also seek an agreement with the Mexican government in the health sector so that the South Korean pharmaceutical industry can establish itself to distribute and manufacture medicines.

He also assured that companies from his country intend to continue investing in Mexico since the Mexican economy, particularly the peso, has been one of the strongest currencies against the dollar during the pandemic.

South Korea is the second source of investment in Mexico, and there are more than two thousand South Korean companies on Mexican soil, which generate more than 100 thousand jobs. However, Ambassador Suh Jeong-in urged the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador to invest in the electricity industry so that these figures increase.

“Mexico needs to improve its infrastructure, main electricity in the north of the country and Querétaro. Many companies, including mechanical companies, would like to come to Mexico, particularly in the northern part of the country, but the government needs to maximize investment and improve the electrical infrastructure because I would like to emphasize that its stability is very, very important (for the industry), and to attract more investment it is necessary to facilitate the conditions”, he considered.

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