Solid growth of the Medical Devices sector in Mexico

Mexico could rank 5th as an exporter of medical devices globally, with a solid growth of 12 thousand 273 million dollars in 2021, representing a growth of 46% compared to 2015, a strategic sector for the national economy, but also a sector that works for the benefit of public health, highlighted Carlos Alejandro Salazar Gaytán, president of the National Association of Health Providers (ANAPS).

Within the framework of the presentation of the 3rd Edition of Medical-Expo, Carlos Salazar pointed out that in 2021 the medical device sector in Mexico generated a total production value of 15.8 billion dollars, of which 3.8 billion dollars of production for national consumption, so it is imperative to promote mechanisms to achieve more significant growth in the domestic market.

“The medical device market in Mexico contributes 2.48% of the exports made in this sector worldwide with more than 400 manufacturers and more than 3 thousand importers and marketers that produce more than 10 thousand products and distribute to more than 142 destinations in the world”, he specified.

Carlos Salazar emphasized the sector’s relevance by mentioning that medical devices are essential for the health system; through their correct use, we can prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate illnesses safely and effectively.

During his speech, José Luis García, President of the Mexican Association of Institutional Health Distribution (AMEDIS), acknowledged that the medical device industry in Mexico has challenges to overcome, such as developing productive autonomy through support programs for entrepreneurs in R&D of medical devices, creation of financing programs for the industry and professionalization programs and continuing education in normative and regulatory issues.

Another of the sector’s challenges is promoting a culture of prevention through social programs that encourage clinical diagnosis and self-monitoring in the population with health problems, as well as training and social education in the knowledge and daily use of medical devices.

The major issues for the further development of the pharmaceutical market will be discussed at the Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum that will be organized by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club on the 29-30th November 2022 in Mexico City. Secure your delegate place ASAP! Registration is here:

Mexican Pharmaceutical Forum

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