Cofepris alert theft of medicines and equipment for hemodialysis

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) issued two health alerts regarding the theft of two batches of the medical device QUABIC (sodium bicarbonate in hemodialysis-grade solution) and a batch of the drug PRIGADEF (propofol).

The alerts are issued as a result of the risk that the use of these products represents, since when they are stolen and their transport, storage and handling conditions are unknown, their quality and safety are not guaranteed.

“Improper handling of the QUABIC medical device can impact hemodialysis treatment, which consists of artificially removing harmful or toxic substances from the blood and is applied only under the supervision and control of health professionals,” it is detailed. It’s a statement.

Meanwhile, the supply of stolen PRIGADEF (propofol) can impact surgeries and other processes in which the drug is used, as it is a general anesthetic.

Both products are considered priority for medical use and should only be applied under the supervision and control of health professionals.

Recommendations of Cofepris

The QUABIC medical device and the PRIGADEF medication batch are for the exclusive use of professionals in the public and private health sector, so they cannot be purchased in private pharmacies or through the internet or social networks.

In case of locating points of sale where the identified batches of these products are marketed, this commission invites to report on the page of this health authority, preventing the distribution from continuing.

In case of identifying batches Q300/2206 14 expiration 2025 06 and batch Q300/2206 15 expiration 2025 06 of the Quabic medical device, or batch 0222013, expiration date 2024 02, do not acquire them and contact this authority through a complaint sanitary.

Source: El Financiero

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