GS1 Mexico seeks to standardize pharmaceutical information through a platform

The business organization GS1 Mexico continues the plan to use the Syncfonía+ platform to standardize and approve pharmaceutical information as a fundamental part of the patient care process.

During the event “The Issue, talks from the medical industry,” outreach leader at GS1 Mexico, Andrea Arozamena, explained that the health sector issued more than 400 million medical prescriptions in 2018 and received more than three thousand reports of drug shortages. Medicines during 2021 only are in the public sector.

“These numbers lead us to think that the lack of standardized information results in not filling medical prescriptions,” said the firm’s representative in charge of facilitating omnichannel commerce and e-commerce through international standards such as barcodes.”
The company said that it has a platform enabled by pharmaceutical laboratories and players in the health industry, which has an electronic catalog of products with specific data for the sector, such as generic name and concentration of the drug, form of administration, pure fraction, among others.

For his part, the president of the HL7 Mexico chapter and member of the HealthTech Mexico Association, Victor Medina, said that the social cost is one of the biggest problems in the health sector” and added that patients are the most affected when they run out of supplies. your medication prescription “and the costs are higher when you spend traveling or absent from your work activities to spend two or more hours for your medical appointment and then reschedule it.”

The company stressed the importance of establishing interoperability standards and standardizing information with a platform such as GS1 Mexico, which would allow control of the patient care process and eliminate the social cost of health care.

For his part, the CEO of MiRecetaDigital, Luis Espinosa, explained that this sector requires a universal information system that integrates and interconnects the electronic file, teleconsultation platforms, and the electronic medical prescription, which will allow access to a catalog of medicines to favor the patients.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the industry spent 42 billion dollars in 2017 to deal with the inconvenience caused by medication errors.

Source: Milenio

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