Investing in Cannabis is safe for economic growth in Mexico: Industry Experts

The cannabis industry in Mexico has increased its production, consumption, research and development through not only medicinal elements, but also industrial items, as announced by Hempresarios, an organization that has brought together specialists in research for more than a decade of the Hemp seed, coming from the cannabis plant, for which the organism makes a call to invest, safely in the industry of this plant that serves not only for recreational or medicinal purposes; but for the development of textile products or the promotion of the agricultural industry.

The objective of this is to establish the processes of industrialization and commercialization of medicinal cannabis and hemp in the country, as has been done in the United Kingdom, Argentina, Colombia, among others.

“In Mexico it is important that the laws on the use of CBD and THC be continued. Since 2017, Hempresarios has had approaches with various organizations to promote laws that promote the development of the cannabis industry, everything has been intermittent. The legalized use of cannabis and its derivatives, not only medicinal or recreational, would bring a strong investment in other industries, there would be more development in pharmaceuticals, more sources of employment, better economic investments that would put Mexico in one of the first places of creation of products derived from the plant in the world”, says the businessman.

Likewise, the Mexican promoter, Francisco Vargas Fernández, leader of Hempresarios since 2017, has announced that everyone could invest in the cannabis industry in a safe, reliable way and with elements that provide clarity and guarantee growth. “The greater the investment, the greater the growth of safe products that would solve various needs, not only medicinal ones, but also industrial ones,” he confirms.

Vargas Fernández calls on governmental and non-governmental organizations to spread the importance of the use of cannabis. “We have reached various sectors, with inclusive issues, with social improvements, business activities, political actions for the production and development of products derived from the marijuana plant and, although the pharmaceutical sector is the one that has the greatest advantage in the country, surely expanding and offering industrial services would allow a fair market, reduction of inequality in the cultivation of the plant and greater clarity to protect, as well as offering farmers an honest, transparent and well-cared-for means of generating income thanks to this plant. Unfortunately there is still misinformation and little dissemination of what exists”, he points out.

Source: ContraReplica

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