They seek integration of private health systems in Latin America

Mexico has become the main exporter of pharmaceutical products in Latin America. In 2021, it sold 1,778.2 million dollars (million dollars), which represented a significant growth -22.3% more- compared to 2020. The following is Brazil, which in 2021 exported 1,103.2 million dollars in this category with an annual growth of 2.3 %. And in third place was Argentina, which in the same year exported pharma products for 883.9 million dollars with an also important growth of 23.4% compared to 2020.

These are revealing data that were presented at the Forum organized by the Latin American Association of Private Health Systems (ALAMI) a few days ago at the Palace of the School of Medicine in Mexico City, where the Faculty of Medicine of the UNAM, the National Academy of Medicine, the Mexican Foundation for Health (FUNSALUD) and the Latin American Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (ALIFAR), among other organizations in the sector.

The position of the main pharmaceutical markets in the region was also shown there: The largest by far is Brazil, whose drug-producing industry has a value of 22,811 million dollars and grew 8.9% in 2021. It is followed by Mexico with a fairly distant size. of 8,506 million dollars from its pharmaceutical industry, but with a notable growth of 14.6% in the last year. And in third place is Argentina, whose pharmaceutical industry amounts to 6,028 million dollars and an important growth of 25.8% during 2021. This according to data from IQvia, a world leader in the use of data, technology and advanced analysis in health.

Other smaller pharmaceutical markets in the region but that stand out for their rapid growth are Chile (2,049 million dollars) growing 26.7% in 2021, and Paraguay (478 million dollars) with growth of 27.1% equal to the last year. Central America is not far behind with a combined size of 2,522 million dollars and growth of 15.9%.

The president of ALAMI, the Argentine Cristian Mazza, highlighted in his event in Mexico the need to encourage and strengthen investment in health and health industries with national capital in each Latin American country. He said that the pandemic showed that joint work in the face of crises, as well as the local production of medicines and other health supplies, is important so as not to depend on external supplies.


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