What kind of medicines are produced in Puebla?

In 2021, Puebla was one of the ten states of the Mexican Republic with the most significant importance in the pharmaceutical industry, as it registered high production figures, employed personnel, and active establishments.

The National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) announced that in terms of companies in operation, the territory of Puebla was home to 49, representing 5.4 percent of the 908 that exist nationwide. This figure is considered the fourth highest in the country, below Mexico City, Jalisco, and Mexico.

All these companies stood out for the production of antibiotics, drugs for the digestive system and metabolism; nervous system medications; vitamins, and vitamin compounds, and medicines for the cardiovascular system.

Puebla could end 2022 with the levels of formal employment it had before the pandemic.

In this sense, the state generated 3.0 percent of the national production of this type of product, being surpassed only by Mexico City, Mexico, Jalisco, Querétaro, Morelos, and Veracruz.

All these products are mainly distributed in general hospitals, doctor’s offices, social work services, medical laboratories, dental offices, nurseries, and veterinary hospitals.

It is relevant to mention that the antibiotics and medicines produced in the state of Puebla are not only sold in the national market but also abroad.

The main clients of the Mexican pharmaceutical sector are the United States, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Peru.

Regarding employment, INEGI pointed out that the 49 pharmaceutical companies in the Puebla entity generate a total of 2,133 jobs directly.

This figure is the sixth highest of the 32 states, representing 2.7 percent of the 79 thousand jobs generated by the activity in the country, below Mexico City, Jalisco, Mexico, Morelos, and Querétaro.

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