Astellas Pharma bets on investment in Mexico and opens new offices

Mexico has new energy in the health industry at the hands of the Japanese company Astellas Pharma, which arrived in Mexico in 2020 with an investment of approximately 10 million dollars during the first two years, and the creation of high-value jobs, to which new offices are added.

The announcement was made during an inauguration ceremony of its new offices located in Santa Fe, which was presided over by Luis David Hernández, the General Manager of Astellas Farma México, and included the participation of the Japanese ambassador in Mexico, Noriteru Fukushima.

Fukushima commented that Japanese companies have principles and traditions of many years in their industries, with Astellas Pharma being one of the most prominent:

“This story is very important, because as I said, almost 80 or 90 percent of the companies are in the automotive sector, but now we have this global drug company.”

The event highlighted the visit of Leon Moore, president of the International Markets division of Astellas Pharma, who came to Mexico from Singapore to meet with different stakeholders, and thus obtain greater knowledge of the needs and opportunities in the region.

“Mexico is a priority for Astellas, not only because of the size of the market but also because of the potential impact on patients. As the economy number 15 in the world and the fourth in the Americas, we recognize the importance of the Mexican market and our intention when investing in Mexico is to bring innovative solutions especially in Oncology”, said Moore.

Within the framework of the inauguration, important personalities from the health sector were presented, such as Cristobal Thompson, executive director of the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Research Industries (AMIIF); Mayra Galindo, general director of the Mexican Association for the Fight Against Cancer (AMLCC); Juan Francisco Millán Soberanes, CEO of CETIFARMA; Rafael Gual Cosío, CEO of CANIFARMA, among others.

Source: El Economista.

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