Clinical laboratories in Mexico strengthen strategies for drug development and access

The Ministry of Health of Mexico highlighted that the National Network of Public Health Laboratories had become an essential component of the health system, which, through its perspective of analytical control for the detection of risks and epidemiological surveillance, contributes to confronting contingency by COVID-19.

During a series of academic conferences carried out by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, COFEPRIS, Alejandro Svarch Pérez, director of the entity, celebrated that this academic conference brought together for the first time all the state laboratories in the country where he assured that experts and experts of the highest level dedicated to protecting people’s health.

He also explained that, due to the quality management systems implemented in the National Network of Public Health Laboratories, COFEPRIS has the necessary technical-scientific support to make decisions that guarantee supplies’ safety, quality, and efficacy for health.

Likewise, he pointed out that, in 2021, 285,039 determinations were made through the network reported in the National System of Basic Information on Health Matters. Three laboratories were strengthened with atomic absorption equipment and two with gas chromatographs.

It is essential to mention that these first conferences were held to strengthen the technical-scientific knowledge of the staff of the 32 state public health laboratories to promote their development by the strategic vision of COFEPRIS and adherence to best practices. International.

Source: El Hospital

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