AMELAF applauds agreements between Mexico and the US to promote a solid supply chain

The Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (AMELAF) considered favorable the agreements reached between Mexico and the United States on the greater integration of the supply chain between both nations.

The Amelaf, which represents 45 one hundred percent Mexican companies, with 79 plants in the country, explained -in a statement- that after the High-Level meeting between Mexico and the United States, the agreements were reached so that there is more excellent communication between the pharmaceutical industries “makes an old dream of the Mexican pharmaceutical industry come true.”

For this reason, Luis Verduzco, president, and Juan de Villafranca, executive director, both of AMELAF, expressed their approval of the agreements and reiterated their best willingness to collaborate to integrate medical supply chains.

As will be remembered, Mexico and the United States met in a High-Level Economic Dialogue (DEAN) in which officials from both countries participated and agreed then -On September 8- to create a Bilateral Working Group on Supply Chains.

That working group indicated at the time by the Ministry of Economy (SE), and Foreign Relations (SER) will have the function of identifying areas that can be complementary to the already existing chains, adhering to the best interests of each country.

Among the problems primarily observed in the Pharmaceutical Industry, highlighted in the DEAN, were the logistics problems that hinder drug deliveries, with the consequent shortage.

Faced with this problem, AMELAF has consistently indicated that it seeks to achieve greater integration of supply chains reasonably and to prevent large transnational corporations from continuing to monopolize the pharmaceutical market with high costs for their products, avoiding the entry of generic drugs that are now more attractive and profitable due to their rapid growth in Mexico.

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