COFEPRIS attends 219 technical sessions for the pharmaceutical sector

COFEPRIS reported that it had attended 219 technical sessions from January to August this year, focusing on the pharmaceutical industry and medical devices.

The development of the sessions and technical consultations are part of the New Strategy for Linking with the Regulated Industry, which opens new channels of direct and transparent interaction with industry members. Through these mechanisms, the regulated sector clarifies technical doubts and consults regarding the regulatory provisions issued by COFEPRIS.

A satisfaction survey was carried out to determine the opinion of the companies in the regulated sector participating in the consultations. 69% of them rated the attention to their request for a technical session as excellent and reasonable. Likewise, 83.4% evaluated the treatment received by COFEPRIS personnel during the sessions from perfect to good.

Respondents also highlight the knowledge and explanations of the committee’s technical area, the time allocated to this exercise, and the technological conditions for holding the session (access, connection, sound, image).

Based on the results of the survey, the items with the highest number of requests were identified; and it was detected that modifications to the registration conditions (MCR) with 47.2% were at the highest level; followed by the registration of biotechnological with, 20.8%; and, finally, obtaining the certificate of good practices with 18.1%.

Source: EnFarma

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