Grisi will invest 550 million pesos in the construction of a new plant in Tepeji del Río, Hidalgo

Alejandro Grisi de Lara, General Director of the pharmaceutical chemical corporation Grisi Hermanos, a 100% Mexican company founded in 1863, focused on the production and marketing of natural products for health, beauty, hygiene, and nutrition, reported that it will invest 550 million pesos for the construction and equipment of a new plant and distribution center located in Tepeji del Rio de Ocampo, in the State of Hidalgo.

With the construction of the new plant, designed specifically for the manufacture of shampoos and whose inauguration is scheduled to take place in 2023, the laboratory will increase not only the production of these articles for hair care but also its capacity for distribution, which will strengthen and invigorate its participation in a highly competitive market.

In this context, it is worth remembering that at the beginning of this month, Grisi Hermanos announced that it had purchased the Pert® (formerly Pert Plus®), Funk®, and Natural Line brands from Henkel, both in Mexico and in 20 additional countries, including which are Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, and Costa Rica.


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