Pfizer maintains leadership in corporate reputation

Characteristics such as innovation, ethical practices, transparency, and talent were essential points for Pfizer Mexico to remain in the first position of corporate reputation in the pharmaceutical sector for a decade. Corporate reputation is the most critical intangible component that companies have, representing 90 percent of their stock market value, according to Itzel Torres, general director of the Corporate Reputation Business Monitor (Merco) in Mexico. For this reason, Merco annually prepares different rankings that measure the reputation, level of responsibility, and leadership of companies from other Latin American countries. In the orders Merco has drawn up in Mexico since 2013, the American company Pfizer has remained in first place for reputation in the pharmaceutical sector. By obtaining first place in the 2022 edition of the ranking, the firm has held first place in reputation in its industry for a decade. Similarly, the firm retained a fifth place in the Merco measurement that evaluates companies from all areas of the country in their internal and external corporate practices.

In an interview for Milenio, Constanza Losada, President and CEO of Pfizer Mexico, spoke about the complications involved in maintaining the company’s reputation in a context as adverse as a health emergency. “For Pfizer, being a leader in the pharmaceutical industry and,d above all, in such complex times, has undoubtedly been a great challenge. I think the pandemic took us all by surprise. Still, thanks to this history that we have at Pfizer as a leading company in innovation, we were able to rise to the challenge, respond, and help combat this pandemic,” Losada stressed. In this sense, the director of Merco pointed to innovation as a characteristic of the company that positioned it at the top of its rankings, “Pfizer stands out in practically all its pillars. We can see that, above all,l its main strong dimension is innovation. This innovation, I think, is clear to us that there is no way forward without innovation and power after, especially after a crisis as strong as covid-19, to be able to advance all our processes, innovate and create”.

The CEO of Pfizer Mexico also commented on her perspectives on the importance of reputation for companies. “I believe that reputation is built every day and is built when one acts according to values ​​and I also believe that this characterizes us within Pfizer; ethics and compliance go beyond the norm and that the way we act every day is a true reflection of the values ​​that end up building this intangible but important reputation for a company”, she declared. The work of the personnel or talent that companies have is essential to obtain a better rating in the ranking and this point is another strength. This is in its evaluations, according to the opinion of the general director of Merco. “The fact that you are in front of a monitor also represents the work not only of the corporation but of all the talent behind it and the work that is generated daily so that companies can continue leading towards best practices,” said Torres. Pfizer Mexico’s president highlighted her collaborators’ commitment to climb positions in the general ranking in recent years. “For me, the fact that Pfizer Mexico is recognized as a company with a high level of reputation with pride. I think it speaks a lot about the great commitment that exists in the collaborators with Pfizer here in Mexico. I think it also speaks volumes about the purpose we have as Pfizer, which is to our purposes that change people’s lives”, commented the company’s Country Manager.

Source: Milenio

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