Oswaldo Bernal appointed as new director of Bristol Myers Squibb Mexico

The biopharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) today announced the appointment of Oswaldo Bernal as the new general manager of its subsidiary in Mexico. The company said in a statement that the manager has more than two years of professional career in BMS and more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, carrying out different responsibilities in the areas of strategy and operations, marketing and business development. Oswaldo Bernal was the leader of the Hematology and Innovative Medicines unit at BMS Mexico.

The new director said that there is a commitment to bring new treatment options to people, as well as keeping alive the vision of transforming the lives of patients through science.coming this year BMS invests 25 percent of its revenue each year in research and development of medicines that help patients overcome serious illnesses.

The company is focused on launching six innovative treatments by 2024, particularly in hematology and immunology where there are unmet health needs. The new direction will be assumed as of today, and one of Oswaldo Bernal’s priorities will be to strengthen and potentiate all BMS areas in the country to continue investing in clinical research, continuing medical education and generating strategic associations for the benefit of patients.

Source: Mileneo

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