COFEPRIS warns about 44 irregular drug distributors; check the list

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) issued a health alert for irregular drug distributors. In addition, it issued a High Sanitary Directive on the controls that establishments dedicated to this line of business must apply to prevent the entry of illicit supplies into the supply chain.

So far there are 44 irregular distributors that COFEPRIS detected do not have health authorization to sell medicines. In addition, they fail to comply with requirements in infrastructure, documentation, personnel and/or equipment, the health authority reported in a statement.

The health authority identified that some alleged distributors are actually companies that simulate operations through the issuance of invoices. He stated that the main risks of consuming irregular medications are the development of diseases, lack of therapeutic effect and loss of health status.

Irregular drug distributors
Following these findings, the agency presented the platform for irregular drug distributors, where interested persons, establishments or institutions can consult, before purchasing drugs, a list of companies identified as possibly irregular. This is part of the actions of the health authority to promote transparency.

COFEPRIS indicates that the platform will be permanently updated with new establishments identified for failing to comply with the regulations, or to remove from the list those that present evidence of compliance.

The risks of taking these drugs
Some of the main risks due to the consumption of irregular medications are the development of diseases by supplying non-sterile or toxic substances; lack of therapeutic effect due to not having the original active ingredient; and/or loss of health status due to suspension of effective treatment.

COFEPRIS warns that all drug distributors must fully comply with health regulations, guaranteeing storage conditions and traceability of all health supplies, for which it issued a High Health Directive addressed to these companies.

The document lists 14 controls that must be complied with by establishments such as wholesalers of pharmaceutical products and medical devices and pharmacies.

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