AMELAF presents foreign trade strategy It seeks to promote the commercialization of national medicines in the region

In order to strengthen actions to diversify markets, the Board of Directors of the Mexican Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (AMELAF), chaired by Luis Verduzco Koloffon, approved the launch of programs that promote the commercialization of medicines processed in the 45 Mexican laboratories that make up the Association.

These new actions are intended to exploit the quality, reliability and competitive prices with which each of the drugs manufactured in its laboratories are launched on the market.

The strategies are aimed at the local market, in order to use the growth that the private pharmacy sector has achieved in the last two years, while strengthening the presence in the foreign market and thus taking advantage of the international recognition that national medicines have.

In this sense, the launch of the Foreign Trade Strategy of AMELAF-Panama Chapter was held in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and there Luis Verduzco, president of AMELAF, urged the members of the Association to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered for the Mexican pharmaceutical industries to strengthen or start their presence in new markets.

Source: CRONICA.

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