With Brain Code IMSS seeks to reduce disability and death due to Cerebral Vascular Event

The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) incorporated the Brain Code pilot program into the Comprehensive Care Protocols (PAI), in order to implement health promotion actions, identify risk factors to prevent patients from having the disease and reduce mortality and disability rates from stroke.

Within the framework of World Brain Day, which is commemorated on July 22, the head of the Neurology service of the Specialty Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) Siglo XXI, Dr. Alejandra Calderón Vallejo, explained that through the PAI, implement actions focused on the three levels of care to promote healthy lifestyles.

“In the case of the first level of care, the preventive measures that are promoted include: a balanced diet, regular exercise, early detection and treatment of diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia, avoiding smoking, in addition to having an adequate body mass index”, he detailed.

She mentioned that in the second level of attention the strategies focus on the acute treatment of the patient who already has a Cerebral Vascular Event (CVE) and in controlling the risk factors in those patients who have not yet developed the disease.

She added that the High Specialty Medical Units (UMAE) are in charge of the most complicated cases, ranging from inflammation of the brain to a surgical procedure.

Dr. Calderón Vallejo explained that the Brain Code strategy seeks to establish a clinical diagnosis for patients suffering from CVD, corroborate the diagnosis with imaging studies, and provide treatment within the first hour of being admitted to the emergency room.

Source: IMSS

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