Novartis Mexico and the Pan American Assistance Association sign an agreement to promote equity

Present at the event and signing the agreement were Fernando Cruz, General Director of Communications and Public Affairs of Novartis Mexico; Gregorio Tomas Obrador Vera, director of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the Pan-American University and president of the SIPASA board of trustees, and Santiago García Álvarez, rector of the Pan-American University, Mexico campus.

The Novartis Access Program (NAP) is part of the Novartis Global Health portfolio, through which 5.4 million people worldwide have been served since 2015. Through this agreement, the first NAP pilot program will start in Mexico, in three rural clinics coordinated by SIPASA, to expand to five clinics from 2024. The program is scheduled to benefit 500 people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in the first year, and it is expected that by 2024 there will be about 2,000 patients.

The program seeks to reduce the main barriers to access to health, identified jointly by SIPASA and Novartis: a) lack of quality and affordable, innovative medicines for the care of hypertension and diabetes; b) access to educational content for medical personnel that allows them to be updated on the ailments of their patients and the treatments available to care for them. Approach and use of health technologies to optimize resources and promote the development of medical practice through telemedicine and c) carry out sensitization and awareness campaigns with a gender focus on diabetes and hypertension.

“For Novartis Mexico, the signing of this agreement represents the materialization of our social and human rights commitment. Through our Global Health program, we have created systems that facilitate access to innovative medicines and health services for populations in conditions of vulnerability. This has made us have the first place in the index of access to medicines at a global level,” Cruz mentioned.

Source: EnFarma

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