Rappi and AstraZeneca sign alliance to advance medical care

Rappi, the leading multi-Latin SuperApp in Mexico, and AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, sign a one-of-a-kind alliance to raise awareness and facilitate access for Mexicans to issues of care and prevention of the primary diseases that affect them. This alliance will be carried out under three axes focused on metabolic oncological, respiratory, and cardiorenal diseases.

In Mexico, more than 32 million people live with diabetes, 8.5 million have asthma, and more than two million live with lung cancer, estimating that more than 7 thousand new cases are registered yearly.

Given this scenario and to benefit millions of people, both companies join efforts through this alliance, with which information resources endorsed by medical specialists will be placed and will be available the application for all Rappi users. With this, it is sought that people can identify possible warning signs that suggest any of the focus diseases and heir timely diagnosis.

“At AstraZeneca, we have a strong commitment to health, which is why we seek to challenge the limits of science to improve people’s lives. We know that diseases such as asthma, lung cancer, and diabetes are becoming more frequent in our country; for this reason, it is vital to have strategic allies such as Rapp, so that through innovative digital platforms, we can enable new channels for dissemination of information on risk factors and disease prevention,” said Julio Ordaz, country director of AstraZeneca Mexico.

This alliance will be based on promoting timely diagnosis under three initiatives:

More than glucose: It seeks to make people aware of diabetes and its comorbidities and the importance of its comprehensive care.

Every breath counts: It aims to inform about asthma and risk factors.

Beyond cancer: It seeks to raise awareness about lung cancer, risk factors, and the importance of timely diagnosis.

Technology and innovation are becoming more affordable for companies and people. They have become fundamental elements not only for the economic impact but also for the social impact, specifically in the well-being of people. With this, we seek to accompany thousands of users more closely so that they can solve their needs in an easy, timely, and close manner, shared with the multinational company.

Aware of the current context in which we live and promoting critical initiatives that positively impact the health of Mexicans, collaborating with Rappi will allow us to achieve, through technology and innovation, access to information, education, and awareness on issues of health. The mission is that millions of platform users connect with the purpose and thus achieve a social impact.

“We commit to people’s health. Therefore, we work hand in hand with science, innovation, and development to provide alternatives that improve their quality of life and that of the people around them. We want to go further through this alliance, facilitating access to informative materials that help raise awareness of different diseases. We are sure that in this way, we will positively impact the health of many Mexicans,” said Dr. Alberto Hegewisch, medical director of AstraZeneca Mexico.

Source: Mi Ambiente

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